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A full-featured, fast and handy photo manager and editor


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Picosmos Shows is an incredible photo editor and management system that lets you keep your entire image collection totally organized and tidy.

The first time you open Picosmos, you can just kick back and relax as it scans for all the image files on your PC and offers you the option to group all your snapshots together so your photos don't end up scattered across several different folders. In essence, if you're a fan of organization and orderliness you'll be in 7th heaven with this app. Once it tidies up your photo collection, watch as from within the same program it handles editing as well, allowing you to change image coloring, sketch drawings onto your photos, apply filters, create photo collages and much more. This app's only limit is your imagination, you can even prepare presentations with photos and music.

Picosmos Show offers you a 2-for-1 application that lets you organized and edit your images from a single program. It's also delightfully intuitive and a breeze to use, despite facing off against my huge collection of movie photograms without slowing down even a tiny bit. Overall, this app is a must-have for those of us out there that enjoy browsing well organized and labeled folders of your favorite perfectly preserved photos.